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Meet The Team

The commitment to serve our customers, partners, and the community as a whole is a reflection of Blue Fern Homes’ leadership. As individuals, we bring our own passion, expertise, and life experience so that, collectively, we create results we can all be proud of.

Benjamin Paulus

Chief Executive Officer

My Job in 50 Words or Less: I’m the quirky developer. We live in a constantly evolving world, and my job is to provide housing and build communities that people will love today, and down the road. I also have the opportunity to partner with a number of different non-profits to use our company to try and help the environment and communities we are in.

Some Things I’m Really Good At: Making eggs, and forward planning. In our world everything takes a long time to come to fruition. Entitlement can take 2-3 years, site development 1-2 years, building houses a year to two. My job everyday is to make sure that we are laying the necessary foundation today to ensure that we are still a great company delivering exceptional communities 50 years from now.

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Adventurous, Inventive, Demanding

Favorite Part of My Job: I love underwriting projects, working with architects, and our other consultants to design communities that we will drive through, and have people living in. It’s a pretty cool experience.

Where to Find Me When I’m Not at Work: On the lake surfing, in the mountains snowboarding, flyfishing or with my family.

Michelle Branley

Chief Operating Officer

My Job in 50 Words or Less: Building homes that agents and buyers can be proud of and that add value to the communities we work in. Setting the bar at a really high level and then putting the people and processes in-place to meet and exceed expectations. 

Some Things I’m Really Good At: Finding the best people and fostering collaboration. I manage and provide operational direction to teams working on every aspect of the building process from design, purchasing, construction, marketing, sales, warranties and entitlement. It’s not easy to do right -- and that what makes this job so satisfying and the people here so great. 

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Dependable, Trustworthy and Knowledgeable.

Favorite Part of My Job: Picking all of the interior finishes.

Where to Find Me When I’m Not at Work: Cooking, watching home renovation shows or relaxing with my family and our two dogs.

Max Chappron

Chief Financial Officer

My Job in 50 Words or Less: I’m responsible for executing on Blue Fern’s financial intitiatives and strategies. Achieving our financial goals requires consistent communication and collaboration with our management team, investors and lending partners while maintaining a balanced view of opportunities and risks.

Some Things I’m Really Good At: Collaborating with others, maintaining and building relationships, setting priorities and executing on them, establishing processes and re-evaluating those processes by applying a mind-set for continuous improvement.

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Loyal, Persistent and Adaptable

Favorite Part of My Job: Seeing projects through from beginning to end, underwriting new projects, working alongside our management team and consultants, problem solving and developing a financial strategy to set up our projects for success.

Where to Find Me When I’m Not at Work: Surrounded by family and friends, keeping up with my three children, outdoors and on the golf course.

John A. Graves

Chief Acquisitions Officer

My Job in 50 Words or Less: Primarily, I look to find housing markets that are underserved. Locations that have a logical service to homebuyers and their lifestyle. What is less desirable today, can be more desirable tomorrow. Living environments and locations that are untapped or undiscovered; locations where people in different stages of life can identify with  - ultimately and logically call “home”.  

Some Tings I'm Really Good At: One area of my job that I enjoy is peeling back the layers of market place onion. Studying the demographic, economic and social forces that shape a market place; the expansion and contraction. Then secondly, using that knowledge to further our direction,  focus and growth.   

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Reliable, Stubborn, Approachable

Favorite Part of My Job: Collaborating on projects with our team and amazing group of consultants.

Where to Find Me When I’m Not at Work: Hanging out with my wife and friends, keeping up with my two children, boating, prepping food, playing my guitar.

Chas Peterson

Manager of Acquisitions

My Job in 50 Words or Less: Identifying opportunities requires understanding the business of real estate and residential development.  Focusing on land, home, rental values and how they are impacted by supply/demand. Staying ahead of the curve by analyzing local economies and job markets focusing efforts on markets that are in need of community homes.

Some Things I Am Really Good At: Treating each day like it is ‘day one’ which is important in a market that is ever shifting and always on the go. I am good at thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative solutions. I like to work both independently and on a successful team. 

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Intuitive, Understanding, Determined                                         

Favorite Part of My Job: Just as important as doing what I love is working alongside great, hardworking individuals.  Our team finds a solution to any challenge through creative thinking, sharing ideas and coming up with the best decisions collectively. Through this, we can create and provide communities that I would like to live in with my friends and family which is incredibly rewarding to me. I also enjoy seeing the visions of our company come to fruition where a site has been deemed buildable and it is transformed into a beautiful part of the community.

Where to Find Me When I Am Not at Work: Doing anything that involves breaking a sweat! Staying active is big for me, whether it’s lifting weights or adventuring on a new hiking trail. During the winter, I am in the mountains snowboarding fresh snowfall. In the summer, you can find me on the lake wake surfing.

Anna Drumheller

Manager of Entitlements

My Job in 50 Words or Less: I’m responsible for obtaining the rights to get a project to the point we want to sell or develop it. Depending on the project, this can take 2-3 years and involves feasibility studies, contracting with consultants, creating budgets and working with local governments.  I’m the point person for the status of projects and getting them to the finish line.

Some Things I’m Really Good At: I’m really good at reading the details of city code, breaking large goals into their necessary smaller tasks, and baking banana bread!

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Positive, Inquisitive and Diligent.

Favorite Part of My Job: I really enjoy understanding new jurisdictions that we are expanding into. I am new to the area and building in new areas is both exciting for the company and myself as a recent Seattle transplant.

Where to Find Me When I’m Not at Work: You can find me trying new recipes, hanging out at Gas Works or Golden Gardens, and hiking!

George John

Manager of Entitlements

My Job in 50 Words or Less: I work to understand the entitlement and development processes in each jurisdiction Blue Fern is operating in while also organizing our consultants, processes and decision making from land acquisition to end-product in a way that encourages and results in successful projects from every perspective.

Some Things I’m Really Good At:  Finding the right team and fostering an environment that sets everyone up for success. Building new relationships while also maintaining current partnerships. I also enjoy learning foreign languages, but I wouldn’t yet describe myself as being “really good at it.” 

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Driven, Curious, Passionate.

Favorite Part of My Job: Learning from the expertise and experience of our consultants on every project we do. Every job presents learning opportunities, each has a unique set of challenges and circumstances that require creative solutions that not one person can do alone.

Where to Find Me When I’m Not at Work: With my family and friends in Seattle or taking trips and experiencing new things.   

Wagner Jumaquio


My Job in 50 Words or Less: I provide advice based off financial analysis to support the acquisition and financing of projects. I help guide our business in making the right decisions based off economic conditions and market trends

Some Things I’m Really Good At:  I look for the middle ground when working in teams to make sure everyone is happy. When new problems or challenges arise, I find myself adapting well, buckling down, and getting things done. I want to be the best I can by always keeping a positive outlook.

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Positive, Adaptable, Thoughtful

Favorite Part of My Job: My favorite thing about my job is analyzing markets and looking at certain trends that may affect past, current, and future

Where to Find Me When I’m Not at Work: In the summer you can find me at T-Mobile Park watching the Mariners and, in the winter, hitting the slopes at Crystal Mountain.

Melissa Regalia


My Job in 50 Words or Less: I am responsible for overseeing the accounting and financial reporting of Blue Fern, Teak Construction, and related affiliates. I work to ensure that the financial information accurately depicts the financial position and operational performance of the Companies.

Some Things I’m Really Good At: Breaking down complex topics and teaching them to others.  My passion is teaching, and I love witnessing the moments when a concept “clicks” with someone for the first time.

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Upbeat, organized, and thoughtful

Favorite Part of My Job: I enjoy learning about the thought process and analysis behind how we choose which real estate projects to pursue.

Where to Find Me When I’m Not at Work: Spending quality time with my friends and family, trying out new restaurants, and practicing

Katrina Owen

Senior Accountant

My Job in 50 Words or Less: I manage daily operations all things finance/accounting related & work on process improvements/software upgrades to make workflows more efficient.

Some Things I’m Really Good At: Organization & creating connections with people.

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Accountable, Compassionate, Positive

Favorite Part of My Job: Working on creating solutions to improve processes & seeing that concept come to fruition as well as working on ad-hoc projects to help others visually see financial data that is used to help make company decisions.

Where to Find Me When I’m Not at Work: Hanging Out with Friends/Family, Cats, Cooking, Crafting or Hiking

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