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Best Day Trips Around the Pacific Northwest

May 26, 2022

Best Day Trips Around the Pacific Northwest

As the weather steadily warms up and the rain inches away (albeit slowly and sometimes for only short periods of time) the Pacific Northwest  becomes the ideal place to find your next great adventure. With a variety of outdoor activities and entertainment options to explore, our team at Blue Fern Homes is incredibly excited to share some of our favorite day trips for when you’re itching to get out of the city.    

Explore the outdoors

It could be said that the entire state of Washington offers residents dozens of outlets for outdoor adventures with the pristine natural landscapes that can easily be found no matter where you look—and the city of Seattle and its surrounding communities are no exception. A simple drive can take you out of the bustling city and into the serene mountain roadways for some truly unforgettable experiences.


Capitol State Forest offers some of the best hiking in the state, so it’s no surprise that it is an incredibly popular destination for residents and tourists alike. With 150 miles of trails to explore, and ideal terrain fit for either hiking, horseback riding or biking—each trip back to the area will leave you with a new perspective every time. 

North of Olympia lies a number of rivers and lakes that create the perfect backdrop for a variety of weekend activities. If you’re in the mood for a peaceful day, there’s no better time to pick up fishing than when in the area—and with exquisite shores to explore, a picnic by the waters’ edge never sounded better. If you’re up for something a little more adventurous, though, the water always offers the ideal spot for a few hours spent kayaking or paddle boarding with your loved ones.    

Check out new cities

While living in the Pacific Northwest gives you plenty of opportunities to experience new events or activities consistently happening within the city limits, it’s sometimes nice to get out every now and then and explore the streets of a new town. Luckily for you, the state of Washington has plenty of incredible cities to choose from that are sure to make the perfect day trip getaway whenever you need one. 

With the best of both mountain and sea views, not to mention incredibly cute antique shops and boutiques and a number of award-winning breweries to spend your day visiting, the city of Silverdale is an ideal place to check out. If you’re still up for a physical adventure before the day is done, the Silverdale Waterfront Park is the perfect place to spend a few hours renting a kayak and exploring the pristine waters. 


Bremerton is another incredible city to add to your list when figuring out your next great day trip destination—and with a number of different activities available within the city, you can truly find something for everyone to appreciate. When you’re up for a walk through history, make sure to take some time to visit both the USS Turner Joy Museum Ship and the Puget Sound Navy Museum. As a whole, the state of Washington gives off a fairytale feeling, and no other place quite matches that description than the Kitsap Forest Theater. Since 1923, the outdoor theater has brought an abundance of joy to the city of Bremerton, and it’s always worth a visit. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Bremerton has you covered. 

Everything you need in one location

At Blue Fern Homes, our team loves building incredible communities in the Pacific Northwest, and we know that the locations we choose offer our residents the opportunity to create the life they’ve always dreamed of having. If you’re interested in learning more about the work we do and the communities we build in, give us a call at (206) 319-9681 or fill out our online form today. 

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